magical rooftop bar @ the imperial hotel, melbourne

Calling all wizards and witches of Melbourne!

The Imperial Hotel at the top end of Bourke St (near Parliament) has had a magical makeover.

Mamma and her minions love a little magic - they may even have a few tricks up their sleeves! So, you can imagine the squeals of excitement when we heard this news!

Not only do they welcome those of us that practice the art of MAGICOLOGY - They also have a fab potion drinks menu that includes a witches brew for the little ones and a LOVE potion for the BIG ones! Beer is also available - even the beer of the buttery kind of flavour.

The fodder on offer here is along the lines of the standard pub food - burgers, pizza, side dishes and the like - yum enough and coupled with the magical surroundings PLUS the potions - it is a great fun city dining option.

Oh and the city rooftop just makes it even more of a fab destination for the kiddos.

Mamma’s special mentions:
We love the cool little ‘magic rooms’ you can reserve these spots if you have 10 or more guests (parties would be fun here!) Complete with weather proofing, cushions and blankets, it is an excellent place for potions and feasting with family or friends! The service is excellent too.

The room names are clever!

  • Messrs Moores & Meager Magical Fashions – For the discerning witch & wizard

  • Spring St Spell Books – Melbourne’s most comprehensive collection of magical books. From herbology, werewolf autobiographies, spell work, magical cooking & more.

  • Spellbound Sweets – Your go-to for wizarding toys, tricky gifts & supernatural sweets

  • Parliament Wands – Makers of Fine Wands since 1901

  • MacArthur Broomsticks – Fly right with MacArthur

  • Imperial Potions Co – For all your potion making needs

the nitty gritty

7 days a week
from 11am till late.

Perfect for a city lunch!

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