melbourne star observation wheel, docklands

What a real treat. This incredible engineering feat rising from the docklands precinct is unmissable. It is also a beautiful way to take in some sights over Melbourne - the a slow ride (around 30 minutes) gives you plenty of time to take in the view and marvel at just how spectacular both the Melbourne Star and our city is. Each pod comes equipped with climate control, guided voice over tour and a big seat in the middle so you can sit and enjoy your 'flight'. 

Mamma's special mention: Mamma says this is a great activity to do when you are feeling a bit down or tired as it is sure too lift your spirits UP! Oh and children under 5 are FREE. Oh and they are open LATE from September to April 11am – 10pm daily - making it a great time to catch a sunset from the top!

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the nitty gritty

Children under 5 are FREE

Click here for their full pricing and hours

The District Dockalnds, 101 Waterfront Way, Docklands VIC