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Calling all small biz folks! Many of us local biz owners know the pitfalls that come with working from home. You know what we are talking about. A lack of motivation, nobody but the dog to 'high five' when you get a win, distractions of THAT pile of washing staring at you from the corner of the room and a general need to connect and interact with other peeps. Well, that all changed for Mamma when we discovered OfficeOurs. This place is just fantastic and much more than a co-working space. Firstly, the open office layout is modern, roomy and bright, secondly the meeting rooms, kitchen and facilities are great. It honestly makes a huge difference in the working day to be around other busy people going about their day. Motivation levels increase and we forgot all about the fact we hadn't made the bed when we left the house.

So there are a couple of options here - you can grab a share desk from about $5 an hour, this gives you access to the meeting rooms, photocopying and buckets of coffee and chats with the fab office manager Jordan.

Mamma's special mentions : OfficeOurs invites everyone to take part in social and professional activities including: end of week drinks, networking opportunities, professional development opportunities and much more.

the nitty gritty

Pricing is from $5 per hour or check out their monthly packages click here


208 Hall St