terracotta warriors & cai guo-qiang - ngv international, melbourne

Mamma absolutely loves an excuse to hit the city and the NGV never fails when it comes to impressive exhibitions to check out.

The combination of the amazing works of art - the Terracotta Warriors and Cai Guo-Qiang pieces is pure genius. With the ancient warrior times perfectly balanced with modern art of Cai Guo-Quiang.

As with these kinds of exhibitions there are information cards to read on each exhibit and mamma loves the ‘kids ‘ versions of the information presented making interpretation of what we are seeing that much easier and enjoyable for everyone.

The mind boggles at the exquisite talent in both the present and in the past of the artists who have ‘collaborated’ here be it 2200 years later!

Mamma’s note: The Gunpowder mural is pretty spectacular as is the 10k porcelain starlings - just beautiful. Make sure you catch the video little presentation at the end that show how these pieces were made. Boom!

Mamma’s special mentions: We often will whizz through these exhibitions pretty quickly and then spend lots of time after de-briefing and talking about what we saw - so take lots of pics and don’t feel you need to stay for any length of time.

There is also a great little kids book in the NGV shop that is a nice little addition to your visit here.

the nitty gritty

24 May 19 – 13 Oct 19
Open 10am–5pm daily

Special opening hours during school hols!
Sat 29 Jun – Sun 14 Jul
Open 8am–5pm daily

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