zoorassic @ werribee open range zoo

Mamma loves Werribee Open Range Zoo - it has provided us with endless adventures over the years and they keep adding fab reasons for us to KEEP visiting!

Zoorassic is the newest addition and it is pretty raorsome!

Follow the Dino prints to the left when you go in the gates towards the Werribee River Trail. Head through the Zoorassic gates and you will find the new home of some very familiar feisty friends!


The kids will love seeing the sheer size of the Brachiosaurus and its pile of poop! The terrifying T-rex and the very hungry raptors are cool too. The animatronics are motion sensor activated and can give you a bit of a jump scare adding to the whole experience.

This is only on for a limited time - so if you have some dino crazy kiddos - it is a great little outing.

Mamma’s special mentions: They have added some dinosaurs to the Ranger Kids area, so you can go and bandage a Triceratops if you feel the need!

the nitty gritty

Only on until July 14 2019

Included with your entry admission

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