small french deli and cafe, footscray

From the delightful Frenchman that brought you Small French Bar AND Small French Cafe, comes Small French Deli Cafe!! Yes, Stefan is feeding all our French food fantasies and giving us access to the best European delicacies - the cheese, the meats, the pates, wine AND more, that we can take home and enjoy. You need to come here to stock up for those special occasions (like Christmas!) or just when you need some quality tasty deli goods…which is every other day really. Oh, AND now the cafe has been merged with the deli so you can get coffee and pastries and baguettes as well - we might just never leave now! His passion for his heritage and the food is obvious and appreciated, feel free to ask for a taster to choose your favourite blue cheese or ask advice on the best meats to add to your charcuterie board. There are a couple of tables so grab a baguette or pastry and watch as the local community come in and have a chat over cheese. Tres bien!

Mamma’s special mentions: The perfect picnic fare - put all your purchases in a picnic basket and head to Footscray Park. Voila!

the nitty gritty

Open Wed - Sat 7am-3pm

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Ph: (03) 9687 8479.

Shop 7 158 Barkly Street Footscray (enter Droop Street)