tiger and goat, newport

Four years ago lifelong Westie Emma opened Tiger and Goat on busy Melbourne road, since then Mamma has whizzed past this store admiring the seasonal window display probably a hundred times or more!  Well, Mamma says: STOP and drop in and have a browse of the beautiful clothes - you'll find jeans, jewellery, shorts, cool t-shirts and shirts, lots of gorgeous dresses and skirts, pants and so much more. Emma's experience in the fashion world shines with her carefully selected range as she knows exactly how each brand will look, feel and fall on our lady bods. Oh she was born in the year of the Tiger and her hubby is a Capricorn, a la - Tiger and Goat - hmmmm perhaps not an ideal union in the animal world however if you're shopping for a special occasion or just feel like a pair of 'pep me up pants', you'll love the service, range and the relaxed feel of Tiger and Goat. Mamma says that's a perfect match in the shopping world. If you can grab some time to yourself get into some outfits - it's fun and you might even be surprised how nice things look on you.


the nitty gritty
at 473 Melbourne Rd

Monday - Wednesday 10am-5pm
Thursday 10am-6pm
Friday - Saturday 10am-5pm

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