mandy couzens photography and styling

Mandy is one half of Mamma Knows West bringing the west to us via her gorgeous photography, sweet styling, wise words and fabulous finds. Did you know she also runs and owns her own successful photography and styling business - oh and she is a mum to two kiddos! Busy lady.

What is inspiring you at the moment?

I'm definitely inspired by each new season as it comes around and what comes with it...the experiences and of course the food.

What keeps you motivated?
Sometimes it's hard to get out of house and when you do it's easy just to go to the same spots you're used to.  Being a part of Mamma Knows West has made me go to places I wouldn't have known existed (I'm originally from over the bridge). So discovering new places in the West inspires me, getting to take photos is a big incentive and seeing my kids happy and running around gets me motivated to get out of the house - and out of my comfort zones.   

What did you do before your photography business?

I was a TV Commercial Producer in my previous life and always loved photography. When I had my daughter it gave me both the time and inspiration to nurture my more creative side and photography and styling is a big part of that. 


What are your favourite parts of being a photographer and stylist? 

Getting out and about and getting some great pictures, meeting some amazing people. Collaborating with some great minds and having lots of fun in the process. It really is about creating art too.

How long have you lived in the west?

Going on 6 years. What was a move to be able to afford a house with a backyard has grown into a real love of the west and it's people.  I love all the character of the old west and love seeing how its evolving into a creative and thriving area.  It feels more like a community then anywhere else I've lived.

What are your favourite parts of the west? 
My favourite places would have to be -Altona Beach of course. Such  great beach for families, and just looove those Norfolk Pines..  The whole Werribee Park complex - to have the Zoo, the Rose Garden, the Mansion (including day spa!) AND a winery! What more could you want in a place!?

Outer Melbourne would have to be Lavendula. The place is magical.  

The nitty gritty

Mandy loves capturing the quirks, fun and beauty of family life in a candid way for her family portraits and is also really focused on helping small business get off the ground and is a good option for your product styling and photography for your website, profiles and other media.

Specialising in family, food, products and lifestyle

Wanna know more? 
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Phone: 0434 812 036