ice cream festival @ great ocean road chocolaterie and ice creamery

Well this fab event here has given Mamma an amazing reason to re-visit. This time it is all about ICE CREAM!
From February 8 - 19 this frozen heaven is king. 12 special - and in some cases unique - flavours are on sale for ONE DAY ONLY.
That is right. Each day 12 flavours are released with 144 flavours in total.
The rest of the list is top secret so we can't tell you what will be on offer but if day one is was anything to go by, there is something for everyone! It could be anything from espresso martini, rocky road, chilli chocolate, pear and blue cheese to five spice and the possibly the most unusual - basil and avocado! The lovely team are happy to let you test any of the flavours too so don't be shy and ask for a taste. 

Mamma's special mention: If you know you won't be able to choose and the brain freeze is your friend, you are best to sign up for a taste testing session where you will be able to sample each of the day's 12 flavours in a guided 40 minute session.  are essential and at only $18 per person you best book quickly. click here for the bookings

the nitty gritty

8 -19 2017
open 9am - 5pm daily

Entry to the festival is FREE

ice cream prices start at $4.80

Great Ocean Rd & Elkington Rd, Bellbrae VIC 3228