altona coastal park bike trail, altona

Mamma loves to get outdoors and get the legs pumping with a good bike ride. Altona Coastal Park is one of the best rides around. It's great for spotting some wildlife (keep an eye out for snakes in the warmer months!), smelling the wildflowers, feeling the fresh breeze coming off the bay plus you can soak in some Westie history.  The trail is situated in the salt marshes to the east of Altona and the track runs all the way from main Altona Beach where you can pick up a few supplies for the 20-30 min ride. You can still see a lone date palm and the ruins of the grandstand of the old Williamstown Racecourse which saw Phar Lap race and win the Underwood Stakes in 1931. Giddy up!

Mamma's special mention: If you've got the leg power, head back up the trail to the west of Altona to Apex Park or even further to the 100 Steps in Truganina.


the nitty gritty
no shade-no toilets-no BBQ's-FREE!

Start and finish the trail from anywhere along the Altona Beach bike/footpath or for a shorter ride, in front of the Altona Sports Club