best mex in the west!

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Mammas LOVES a Mexican feast fix and a tasty taco or two!

Here are her favourite Westside restaurants dedicated to serving up some delicious Mexi goodness!

mamma's fave footscray bar guide

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Footscray is home to an amazing selection of pubs and bars, all close to one another and all offering something different and fun. It’s the perfect place to head to for date night, or when you feel the need to get out of the house and have a drink, some food and a laugh with your buddies! Here is Mamma’s guide to her favourite bars and pubs in Footscray!

Coming up soon…Mamma’s FAVE Footscray EATS!

mamma's fave: parks with water play in the west

mamma's fave: parks with water play in the west

The family loves a little side of water play action with their park play! These parks are great for just that - they have fab splash features for the cool down factor and great playground fun for burning off energy.

These places are great with the warmer weather and best of all they are FREE!!

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mamma's fave: burgers in the west

mamma's fave: burgers in the west, if you have been following our journey over the years you MUST know by now that burgers are a fave in our fam...well, let's be honest - Mamma LOVES them and so the family must follow on her hunt for the next burger (and pickle) fix! Now, seems like as good a time as any to share our top spots that have satisfied the cravings for buns and patties. In no particularly order!

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