geocaching - mamma knows west

There is a new game that is being played in Mamma's family and it is called Geocaching. So what is it? Apart from AMAZING, it is a giant, grown up game of hide and seek with a cross between orienteering and puzzle solving. Mix that in with nature trailing and exploring new and places you would have never have been before and you have a winner. Geocaching is a worldwide game and there are some serious players out there. Sign up into any of the Facebook groups to see that there are die hard cachers around. Using an app (there are a number of different ones, but the free offical version gives you a good taste), you simply navigate to a set location, follow some clues and uncover the treasure. A cache can be anything, but usually a plastic container, hidden from plain sight, camouflaged and contains a log book, an official note - just in case someone else finds it by accident - and there are sometimes 'swappables' little treats that you swap for something of equal value. We find lots of stickers, mini toys and keyrings inside the bigger containers. This is a brilliant activity to rope the kids into and if you are using the free app - totally free, outdoor and active entertainment. 

Mamma's special mention: the app itself is a litle tricky at first like anything when you are new, be patient. Mamma suggests looking for ones nearby to you to get the gist! Oh and be warned it is quite thrilling and a little bit addictive!


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