wombat hill botanical gardens, daylesford

Mamma loves a good garden adventure and this magical wonderland perched on the top of Wombat Hill (an old extinct volcano) is no exception. As with everything in Daylesford, it is picture perfect with rolling green hills - perfect for a tumble - and cubby houses made by the draping greenery. You can take a lovely drive up to the car park or enter via the side entrances on foot. 

Mamma's special mention: Wombat Hill House is nestled onto the heart of the gardens and the perfect spot to stop for lunch or a mid morning or afternoon snack. Mamma didn't get a chance to stop in this time but will be back for a FULL review.


the nitty gritty

Open dawn to dusk every day - free entry - public toilets - dogs on a leash allowed -

Central Springs Road

ballarat botanical gardens, ballarat

ballarat botanical gardens, ballarat

Mamma loves a good garden and this is one of our families favourite spots to picnic, play and chill out. It has everything you could imagine that a botanical garden has - shady trees, lush green grass, gorgeous plants, ponds, fountains, gazebo's statues the prime minister avenue , fernery and more

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