bowling with babies, werribee

Mamma is digging everything about Bowling with Babies. The seasonal program held at selected Bowls clubs throughout Melbourne is so perfect, especially for first time Mammas looking for opportunities to get outside during the day, get a little active and meet other local mums. 

Sessions are super relaxed and laid back. Club facilitators are there to help teach mums the correct techniques and help with games, but often games are abandoned or paused while the babies have a feed, they need some attention or when the coffee is delivered! Almost the most important part is that connection you can make with the other mums. 

Often mums groups will join in as a whole group and choose the Bowls Club as the venue for their catch ups. Clubs ensure they have change tables, comfy spots to feed as well as play pens if you want to use them. The babes at our session spent time in their prams, on some blankets and plenty of time crawling on the green. Older children are still welcome, but the more mobile the more mum has to keep an eye on them!

Mamma's special mentions: Mamma enjoyed our session at Lilydale Bowls Club over in the east and there are sessions being planned in the west including:

  • Werribee - Fridays from 11th Jan

  • Melton - Fridays weekly from 8th March

  • Flemington Kensington - Mondays weekly from 4th Feb

Head to the Bowls Victoria website to register your interest. 

the nitty gritty

Werribee sessions
10:30am - 1:30pm

Prices vary at each venue but never more than $10. 
Fee includes a coffee!

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239 Watton Street, Werribee