between 2 buns, altona

Well, Altona has hit the foodie jackpot - Pier St needed a rocking burger joint and a rocking burger joint is exactly what it now has! Mamma has tried her fair share of burgers and these ones are fresh, perfectly sized, juicy morsels of secret sauced goodness, the beer battered fries are crispy and good, the Strawberry Cheesecake shake is delish and the Buttered Toffee Popcorn shake....amazing (yes BOTH....actually Mamma tried the Kit Kat annnddd the Double Choc too).......and may or may not have had a dabble in the Donut Sundaes which is pretty much a donut ice cream sandwiches with your choice of toppings, bluurrrp.  Don't even talk to Mamma about the location RIGHT across from Logan Reserve 50 Meters from Altona Beach...take a number Westie folk and get in line Between 2 Buns will be a HOT spot for the summer.

Mamma's special mentions: there is limited bench seating inside and a few tables outside, this is more like a 'burger bar' and they have fashioned their containers especially for that 'takeaway' make use of location and enjoy your eats in and around Altona's Beachfront precinct.

the nitty gritty

Tuesday - Sunday from 11am

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28 Pier St