footscray milking station, footscray

Dear Footscray Milking Station, hats off to you! You are so cute, your food is absolutely delicious and makes us feel good, you have two outdoors bits and a couple of separate cosy indoor spaces plus great friendly staff. Now, even though you have a good hiding place (arguably the loveliest little spot of Footscray) we found you, we opened your welcoming door and now we love you.  We also love that you are a converted milkbar and have kept that 'feel' throughout. Keep on doing what you're doing FMS, serving us westies up some great nostalgia with our amazing lunches, brekkies, coffee and brunches. Lots of love and full tummies - Mamma.

Mamma's special mentions: Their cool courtyard with pram access is accessible from the rear and the baby cino's are served in the cutest little milk bottles! oh and the kids will love the gorgeous mural of the flying birds on the outside wall.

the nitty gritty

monday - friday
6:30am - 3pm
saturday and sunday

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