la porchetta, altona meadows

There are times in Mamma's life when one needs some stress free family dining. And when that happens, Mamma ends up here.  There are no bookings required, you can turn up at 4pm on any day and you are pretty much guaranteed a table - turn up in your thongs or hell, even your moccasins and no one blinks an eye. They understand family dining and Mamma is very very grateful.

Oh and then there is the added bonus of a playground. Yep a playground! Inside. Enclosed. You can see from any table. AND they serve wine, they serve pizza, they literally serve you everything and it's the kind of food kids eat, you know? Mamma knows you know.

The hardest part in the whole process is doing up the top button on your pants when you leave, cause you will be FULL. 

Mamma's special mentions: The Altona Meadows Library and Learning Centre is across the car park. Why not pop here after or before grabbing some lunch.

the nitty gritty

11:30am - 10pm

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Central Square, 1 Central Ave
Altona Meadows