millars, lara

This lovely cafe in Lara definitely had families like yours and Mamma's in mind...a fresh, friendly and tasty cafe smack bang next to a fantastic playground - it's sure to please.  Start the day in the cafe with some deelish bites - usually served with locally made 'Hammer and Tongs' bbq sauce (ahem, just quietly...this stuff has resurrected Mamma's old love of a good BBQ sauce) and then spend some time in either the little ones or the supersized playground, both of which are fenced for relaxing playtime.  Want more adventure? Take a walk around the paths and bridges surrounding the cafe and after all that fun they'll be sure to doze off on the approx 45 min journey back to the west. Ahhh a moments peace and quiet, happy kids and a full tummy equals one happy Mamma.

Mamma's special mention: Serendip Sanctuary is not far from here  for some great natural flora and fauna adventures

the nitty gritty

Monday -Sunday
High chairs - outdoor seating - free parking

The playground 
free parking - fenced - toilets - BBQ's - separate playgrounds for smaller and bigger kids


45 minutes from the Westgate Bridge

80 Westlakes Blvd Lara