tico's drive thru cafe, brooklyn

There's not a much better modern world invention than the drive through. There, Mamma said it. Especially for caffeine deprived Mamma's and Dadda's with a sleeping kiddo or when you're in a hurry and unbuckling and hustling into coffee shops is just not an option. There is no struggling to find a car park, no dealing with runaway kids - they stay locked in tight as your tired self rolls in one end and comes out the other end with a cuppa in one hand and a big smile on your dial.  Its delicious coffee and great service too! Oh and grab your milk here for home too. Now all Mamma needs is a drive through supermarket and she'll never need to leave the comfort of the car again!

Mamma's special mentions: this is a great option to go to on the way to the park so choose your destination and have Tico's as your first port of call.

the nitty gritty

Monday - Friday
4am to 3pm
 5am to 2pm
7am to 2pm.


549 Geelong Road Brooklyn