st albans market, st albans

Market shopping here is like a step back in time to a place where the families weekly shop is not a chore, but a fun little outing. Filled with charm and character, The St Albans market opened in the 70's and not much has changed since then. It is a living and breathing time capsule of some third generation stall holders selling wares, produce and goodies that they know best - fresh and cheap!

You'll find the likes of the fabulous Mark selling some of the best poultry produce in Melbourne; say hello to Tony at J McGauran Butcher one of the three butchers located here; Azra at Hanna's Coffee Shop roasts up and serves some superb coffee (babycinos too!), and plenty more.

Oh, and if you are lucky you might run into Nick - he runs and owns the market and is one of the most passionate westies we have ever met; look out for the guy with a bundle of energy, heart of gold and a big cheeky grin!

Mamma says even after one visit this is the place where people remember you, you remember them and it will become part of your weekly shopping adventure.

There are about 30 stalls in total with flowers, fruit and veg, fish shops, butcher, deli, dry goods and more! All the food is fresh and straight from the supplier, no cold storage -  it is bright, clean and small enough not to be overwhelmed - just perfect for us mamma's with kids in tow.

Mamma's special mention: there is a great little park just a 3 minute walk from here called Alices Play Space - excellent for a post shopping play.


the nitty gritty

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7am - 2pm
7am - 6pm
7am - 6pm
7am - 1:30pm

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Closed Sunday - Tuesday

3 St Albans road
St Albans