ashcroft 'control tower' park, williams landing

Inspired by the nearby RAAF base this aviation themed playground is one cool park. Nestled in the quiet suburb of Williams Landing you can't miss the humongous 'control tower' taking centre stage here - on sight kids excitement levels will leap into mach 5!   The tower gives you a great birds eye view over the playground and civilians below, it's also a launching pad to 'take a slide into the danger zone' on an epic tunnel shoot. And no....Mamma was NOT daring enough to have a go. Catering for big kids and the little ones there is some great equipment for sand play, a basketball court, climbing frame, some smaller slides and swings and more. Take a seat in the space aged looking picnic area and enjoy watching the kids have a fantastic play. 

Mamma's special mention: love slides? Buckingham Reserve in Sunshine West has a rocket ship slide to rival this one.

the nitty gritty

lots of free parking - picnic tables -  some shade - no toilets

Mandrel Drive Williams Landing