footscray's FREE climbing wall, footscray

There is no doubt about it - Mamma has a couple of avid climbers on her hands. There is probably no doubt that you do too!

Well, this is a cool little spot to check out. Making use of the space under the Hopkins Bridge in Footscray - this climbing wall is fun for big people and the little ones!

Probably really suited for 6 and up - it really depends on your kiddo to be honest.

There is a colour coded guide, so you can challenge yourself to different levels of climbing and as the kids get older, they will be able to do some cliff hanging and more of the more difficult levels.
(see below pic)

The wall has soft rubber type material direct underneath, but this is total free climbing so obviously be careful and brief the kids on the conditions of use (also below)

There is also some exercise equipment here too if you really want to bust out a sweat!

Mamma’s special mention: you are not far from Lickety Split to grab a cool drink, Harrys and Larry’s General Store if you need a coffee or a sandwich!

Here is a brief outline of the conditions and safety first when using the wall. the full version of this is also pictured below.

Conditions of use:

·         Climbers must wear shoes

·         Keep rubber area clear

·         No glass on the rubber area

·         Keep the site clean and place litter in the bins provided

·         Dogs must be on a lead at all time. Clean up after your dog

There are also some safety guidelines

·         Use the wall in a safe manner

·         Be aware of others climbing around you and give way to climbers on the wall

·         Keep the rubber fall zone area clear when not climbing

·         Use a spotter to help you land on your feet

·         Do not climb alone particularly at night.


Codes (1 of 1).jpg
Codes (1 of 1)-2.jpg

The nitty gritty


Parking down the end of Saltriver Place Footscray

No toilets - it is under the bridge so shaded - some seats to observe

Under the Hopkins St Bridge in Footscray

End of Saltriver Place near the river