frontier park, rockbank

Just take a look at this amazing playground in Rockbank! Towers, rope bridges, dizzy wizzy, sand pit, water play, swings, slides, rocks, tree trunks - honestly Mamma could go on and on and on about the elements of play here. It is a fantastic. There is heaps for the big kids here and it is particularly appealing for daredevils! Those slides and rope tunnel are breathtaking.

The rainbow coloured soft fall complements the nature inspired climbing and play here. There is even a mini skateboard ramp, basketball court and a large undercover areas perfect for a family gathering.

You are really going to have to just take Mamma's word for it and go and check this one out! Like....go....NOW!

Oh and WATER play - so make sure you take a towel for the kids - especially in the summer as they will love to play in the cool jets.

Mamma's special mention: Oh and there is another great park and cafe literally two minutes up the road at Go West Cafe and Tuck Shop


the nitty gritty

bench seats - BBQ’s - lots of free parking - toilets - take a towel as water play is good fun!

*note: this park was closed for a short period due to damage and is now reopen after a thorough inspection.

at the end  Woodlea Blvd
at Frontier Avenue
(Off Leakes Road)