hd graham reserve bmx track and skate park, altona meadows

Dadda had a sudden urge to take Mamma and the kids to the Altona Meadows BMX and Skate Park and show us some ‘rad manoeuvres' -  including the bunny hop, endo, flip out and the funky chicken. Were those manoeuvres ‘rad’? Hmmm, not so much - we did have fun and plenty of laughs though - including the stomach clutch, the big guffaw and the giggle and point. Serious now, this park is a fav for both big and little kids with a smaller bowl skate/scooter section - it does get hectic and busy on the weekends and after school so if your one is a newbie go during the day.  It's a great way to build up their skills and confidence on wheels.

Mammas special mention: Grab some lunch and play at La Porchetta around the corner


the nitty gritty

public toilets nearby -benches for spectating - plenty of free parking - no shade - FREE


Andrew Park Drive Altona Meadows