skinny park (train lookout), kensington

Trainspotters behold! This cool spot has had a make over and has been purpose built for train enthusiasts. TOOT TOOT!  Mamma is guessing it is called Skinny Park because it is wedged tightly between the road and the railway and the use of space is excellent -proving you don't need heaps of room for play - just clever design! 

The main 'platform' doubles as a play spot and a train lookout. It is the perfect place to view the trains as they whizz by with a bubble window and the entire back of your viewpoint is meshed - looking down on the train line. Keep an ear out for the train whistle from Kensington Station.

There is another smaller piece of climbing equipment that has great views of the city too plus a nice sized wooden car to drive, a nest swing, some smaller swings, a sand pit of sorts, a streetscape play mat (so bring some toy trains!) and good climbing tree too. This is a good playground for little kids and big kids always manage to entertain themselves here too!

Mamma can stay here for a good while too as there are heaps of folks here enjoying the novelty of the trains plus park play. 

Mamma's special mentions: The Premises is a great little cafe across the way - excellent for a take away coffee and a bite to enjoy here at the park or if you have cafe cool kids - eating in is great too!

the nitty gritty

some seating - some car parking - a water fountain - no toilets - some shade 

232 Bellair St

Right near the Kensington Train Station