woodlea estate adventure playground, rockbank

This is one of those playgrounds, the one where you can't find a parking spot quick enough, kids start squealing and everyone races each other to the best equipment.  The first thing you see is that awesome slide, then once your eyes start to focus on the rest, you’ll see there is plenty to keep the little ones entertained for hours.  Tunnels, rope bridges, mini trampolines, three types of swings, two smaller slides, plenty of rocks to rock jump around, flying fox, sand pit, a ping pong table and of course that tower and slide. Mr 4 had to coach and coax Mamma up to the top, did Mamma go down?.......maybe...maybe not! There is also a grassy expanse with some mini footy goals and a small fitness area to do a few lazy step ups or pull ups. This is an excellent playground and Mamma hopes for more like this to pop up in the West! this playground part of the new Woodlea Estate - so its built to bring the families and that's what it will do.  Its clean and fresh and shiny and ready for PLAY! 

Mamma's special mention: Oh and right across the road from Go West - eatery and tuck shop.


the nitty gritty

bench seats - BBQ’s - lots of free parking - shade over sandpit - not fully enclosed  

Quarry Road off Woodlea Blvd Woodlea Estate
(Off Leakes Road) 

27 Woodlea Blvd