free ballarat spray park, ballarat north

I don't think it's a big secret that kids love water. Be it swimming pools, puddles or indeed this spray parks! With all the squealing, fun and splashing that goes on here it is surprising that there are not more of these spray parks in Melbourne - they are just fantastic. Water cones, jets, bubbling fountains, splash canons, mist spraying lady birds, splosh buckets and water powered windmill spinners. It is an excellent way to keep cool. Bring a towel, a hat, sunscreen and your togs plus a picnic if you like! There is a lovely shaded area too for parents to kick back and watch and there is also a great little park adjacent. Oh and there is no shade over the water park area and there is a button you need to push to activate the fun!

Mamma's special Mentions:
If you you are heading this way Mamma reccomends popping into Sovereign Hill for the day OR you can just do a fly by 'shopping' stop and pick up some lollies and a famous pie you know!

the nitty gritty

Opening Hours
November - April
9am - 9pm

Monday - Sunday


Midlands Reserve
Cnr Walker and Doveton St North