dingo puppy encounters - dingo discovery sanctuary research centre, melton

WOW - Mamma has been waiting for THIS. The Dingo Puppy Encounters commence the weekend of July 7 until the end of September and we are beyond excited for this unique opportunity to cuddle and photograph these amazing cute fluffy cubs.

Photographer on site.
Plus BBQ snack bar will be operating between 12.30pm and 4pm each day. Soft drinks, tea and coffee available

This wonderful Dingo sanctuary is a privately owned unique conservation establishment located in the Shire of Melton. Click HERE for all the dates and bookings

The Dingo Discovery Sanctuary and Research Centre was established in 1990 by owner operater Lyn and it is just a fantastic place to learn all there is to know about the Dingo. The volunteer run centre aims to preserve and conserve the Dingo for future generations to study and of course enjoy. 

Mamma says the 40 or more dingoes here are so well looked after, happy and a pleasure to be around. Although this is not a petting zoo kind of set up there are lots of opportunities for cuddles and pats on this up close experience. They are so smart, gentle and so unique - it is quite magical. We didn't stop smiling and laughing on our tour. Come ready with some questions too as you are going to get quite an insight into some facts, mysteries and myths about the dingo. Oh and keep an eye on their website for when the puppies are born in winter, a great time to visit!

The setting and surrounds here are stunning and people come from all over the world to visit and study the Dingo here as it really is a magnificent experience. Drawing on the knowledge and love Lyn has for our beautiful native Dingo - it is indeed a great journey of discovery.

Please do yourself a favour and find out when their next public tour is - it is fantastic.

Mamma's special mention: The sanctuary here rely on revenue from donations as well as sponsorships to continue their work in educational and conservation projects. You can help by donating or becoming a sponsor click here for more info

Important Notes

- Children aged 7-12yrs MUST be accompanied by a full paying Adult. No child under 7yrs may participate in live encounters.

- Please ensure you arrive promptly to your session to ensure you do not miss the important and necessary briefing/education session

the nitty gritty

From the weekend starting July 6 2019 on special OPEN weekends right through until the end of September

Click HERE for all the dates and bookings

Children under 7 are not permitted to experience the dingoes 

Prices start from $35- $49.00
plus a booking fee.

For appointments and more information click here

Check out their facebook page here.

366-400 Gisborne-Melton Rd, Toolern Vale