gold rush mini golf, ballarat

GOLD! Mamma has struck GOLD!

So, if you have ever driven to Ballarat, you would have seen the giant miner looming to the side of the highway, holding on to his pick with his loyal pooch at his feet. Well he guards the entrance to the AMAZING Gold Rush Mini Golf! This gold mine themed course is so much fun, with 18 easy holes to manoeuvre your little ball into. It’s great for the littlies as it’s all close together and not too many obstacles on the greens. There are two courses here - outdoor and the spookier but really cool Lost Worlds themed course indoors, so chose your own adventure. There are also remote control boats for $2 a pop, and a cabaret theatre (of course) and cafe, plus some arcade games inside.

Mamma’s special mentions: The Mill Market is right next door if you are in need of some more treasure, and Mamma LOVES Hop Temple in the centre of town for some lunch!

the nitty gritty

Open Thursday-Sun &
Every Day over the school holidays
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