tuki trout farm, smeaton

If you've been thinking of taking the kids fishing but a bit afraid of what that might entail...well Mamma's got your answer.  An hour and a half out of Melbourne is Tuki Trout Farm - this place is picturesque, peaceful and absolutely guarantees you a fresh fish catch. Ok, Mamma, didn't actually catch a fish (I was taking pics okay!) but the family caught 4 in just over 30 mins.  It was fun and just long enough before the kiddies started to get restless and hungry... The BEST thing about Tuki Trout Farm is the restaurant (with fantastic roaring fire) is right there - your catch will be cooked up for you by the chefs and you can take the rest home.  Amazing.   

Mamma's special mention:  While your out in the country side why not make the most of it and check out Mamma's Road Trippin' Page. Ballarat, Creswick, Daylesford, and Talbot are only a few country miles away.

the nitty gritty

Open every day
(except Christmas Day) 

Bookings not required for fishing but ARE required for restaurant

For more info, pricing and accommodation at Tuki Retreat
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60 Stoney Rises Road Smeaton

(1.5 Hours from the Westgate Bridge)