magical happenings, melbourne

How good is it seeing your little ones face light up with pure joy?
Well that is what happened to Mamma’s Little Miss when a purple unicorn walked into her recent birthday party!
Mamma’s face also lit up as the beautiful host easily took control of the excited bunch of girls and led them into some party fun for the next hour and a half.
First there was some stick-bending magic - as well as magic spells, then some dancing and singing, a game of pass-the-parcel, some bubble chasing, balloon blowing and bouncing, a game of limbo and culminating with some amazing face-painting.
The girls loved every single second and were captivated by the host, who was so lovely and patient with the eager 5 year-olds.
Of course, you don’t have to have a unicorn lover to enjoy the ease of a brilliant party host; Magical Happenings offer a range of entertainers like; Princesses, Frozen, Fairies, Superheroes, Minions, Star Wars, Toy Story, Clowns … to name a few.
They really take control and add so much fun (and ease!) to your kids parties. Click here for more info.

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