borgs cakes, altona

Mamma loves a good Westie institution and Borgs Cakes is DEFINITELY that.  It was opened in 1968 by Tony Borg to sell his Maltese Pastizzi, and they were so good that pretty soon people from all over Melbourne were coming to this humble shop for these amazing pastries. Now passed down from one generation to the next Borgs makes cakes as well and if you grew up in Altona I'm sure most of your b'day cakes would have been from here.  Like a lot of family run businesses this place has so much charm and the staff are so friendly and clearly love what they do.  Not only can you buy the (AMAZING) cakes and their (AMAZING) pastizzi you can buy all you need to attempt your own cake - from the tins, the cake mix (red velvet anyone?!) decorations, ribbons....absolutely everything you could need, PLUS some friendly advice, oh and their colourful cake pops are amazing!

Mamma's special mention: To help settle the little ones while you peruse there's even a toy box. That'll give you a few minutes of peace to drink in all this little store has to offer

the nitty gritty

Monday - Friday
9am - 2pm


20 Harrington Square