hair 4 kids, airport west

If you kiddo needs a trim and absolutely hates the a trip to the salon (not mentioning any names....Miss 5!) Then this place is for you! With a novelty car, jeep, horse or bike 'chairs' plus their choice of a special movie, game or program - they won't even notice the expert tangle teasers combing and chopping their knotty locks! Mamma's monkeys go in looking like wild disheveled beasts  and come out like happy well groomed angels. Love it.

Mamma's special mentions: they even do mums and dads hair cuts too now and with a little play area attached to the salon, you may even want to take an opportunity to get yourself a trim while you are there!

the nitty gritty

Monday to Friday
9am to 5pm
9am - 2pm

bookings essential
9310 4696

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at 12 Thomas St St Airport West