jamie and kim's mobile zoo

If you are looking for some entertainment for your next kids party, then take it from Mamma - Jamie and Kim's Mobile Zoo is perfect. Jamie is not only great with his animal friends, he is fantastic with kids and even throws in a few jokes for the adults.  He introduces each animal to a very captive audience and the kids are each given the opportunity to have a close up experience plus ask any questions they might have. Most of the animals are actually Jamie and Kim's family pets and have been hand reared from tiny babies,  this shows with the enthusiasm and understanding Jamie has for his 'zoo'. We had a great hour and a half of animal fun and met a sugar glider, crocodile, snake, lizards, frogs, a dingo and the star of the show the beautiful Milly Wombat. You are guaranteed to have a party the kids will talk about for weeks after!

Mamma's special mention: If you mention Mamma Knows West - Jamie and Kim will wave their usual travel fee of $50 making the total party fee $350 for an hour and a half.

the nitty gritty

Call Jamie on
0419 533 312
to book 

Normal price 
1.5 hours.

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Based in Arrarat but will travel to Melbourne