the lost forests, the district docklands

As legend has it, in 1876 a young boy called Timothy Barber came across some magical seeds, these seeds would grow special trees called The Lost Forests, and guard the entrances to the trapdoors of THE UNDERWORLD!  The UNDERWORLD is where magical creatures like THE PUGGLES lived!  These Lost Forests were last seen around from 1987 to 1995 when they all just DISAPPEARED - only for the seeds to be replanted in 2017. Well, guess what? Mamma has FOUND one of these lost stores! And it happens to be at The District Docklands!  Wow! This store is so lovely, and takes Mamma back over 20 years...It's like walking into an enchanted oasis.  Come in and have a play, look for the trails of Puggle footprints and other creatures and adopt a whole Puggle family! After they have gone down the Puggle Slide, of course!   The Lost Forest guardians will be happy to take you through the history in more detail!  You must see and experience this place for yourself - oh and for the little ones too, of course...

Mamma's special mention: Pop in at 2pm Saturdays for story times

the nitty gritty

Friday to Sunday or by appointment too!

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SC F05, Level 1, 5 Star Crescent
The District Docklands

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