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Bang bang bang what's that noise? Curiosity got the better of Mamma on a recent trip to Yarraville, when I came across this 'front yard' workshop. The busy makers Pappa Eddie and his four year daughter Tallulah were working hard when I interrupted them.....

Excuse me! What are you doing there? Right now, I am making a custom cabinet out of reclaimed wood for my business Upchunk Furniture.

Fantastic. Where did you get the idea for that ? My dad was in the furniture making business so I grew up with a hammer in my hand pretty much. I've always been interested in creating and with a young family sturdy pieces of furniture are essential - I made an industrial style coffee table then got requests to make other pieces and before I knew it, Upchunk happened.

Where do you get your timber? I have a couple of good sources from the factories around the West, packing cases and old shelving etc. I just keep an eye out for material I can reclaim and up-cycle - good quality timber plus other bits and pieces.



What keeps you motivated and inspired? Each piece of furniture is unique depending on the wood and materials, always giving me scope to be creative. There is plenty of variety in the work.

How do you juggle the 'stay at home' Dad factor? Owning my own business gives me flexibility for the family. My Little One is handy with a hammer and makes wooden animals with off cuts, so we 'work' together, she can hammer in nails better than some Big People. (Mamma can vouch for that!)

What are the families favourite places in the West? We love Willy Beach and often head to the foreshore with the bikes and skateboards. For coffee, Cobb Lane in the Village is the best.

From coffee tables and day beds to bird houses and skateboard racks, Upchunk furniture is made with passion, style and practicality in mind. I went back a few weeks later to see what had become of that green 'throw away' cabinet. It'a now a beautiful hardwood, hand crafted stunning sideboard. 


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