a day at sovereign hill, ballarat

As a family, this is such a fantastic place to visit. From a young age, our kids have enjoyed an adventure here and as they get older they can try new things.

Sovereign Hill have just released their 'The Story Lives On' series of clips that really capture the time and inspire you for your visit. Mamma says show the kids the clips before you go. Pretty cool.

After a very busy couple of months; we recently took our family on a mini-break, staying the night at the Sovereign Hill Hotel accommodation. We had time to plan a little itinerary to make the most of the two days we had to spend here.

Anyway, we thought we would put it here for you to use as a guide when you next visit - it is a pretty loose schedule but it gave us something to stick to so we got to see what we wanted to! You can, of course, plan your own visit - here.

Day 1
On arrival around 10am
- This is a great time to get your bearings on Main St and explore the shops. Head up to the Mine Tour office to book your guided mine tour; we also took this chance to get in early and book a photo session for the arvo and taking a ride on the horse and coach is a great way to take in the sites.
About 11:30 - it was time to grab an early lunch, from the Hope Bakery of course - there are plenty of places to sit on Main St and watch the 'townfolk'.
About 12 noon is a good time to head to the 'goldfields creek' and try your hand at panning - there is usually some helpful townfolk ready to show you how it is done, so make sure you ask for some good tips!
1pm: Head off for you mine tour - we went on the one called 'trapped' - it is a sad and true story of trapped miners in Creswick. Mamma took her 4 and 7 YO on the tour and they loved it - it really is dependent on your kiddo though!
1:30pm: The Red Coats march in main st (you might catch them on the way to Browns Confectionery!)
1:45pm: Make your way back to the Browns confectionery for a sweet making display that starts at 2pm and see how the famous raspberry drops are made.
2:45pm: Afternoon tea time - we find sticking with the the New York Bakery cafe in Main street a great option. They serve wonderful devonshire tea here, coffee, drinks and the like.
3:30pm: Off for our photography session at the studio! This is such a great experience. The staff are just amazing at helping all the family participate and get the best photo.
4pm: Time for a spot of shopping before heading back to the hotel to relax and chill out before our Dinner and show!
7pm: Dinner at the Charles Napier and on to The Blood on The Southern Cross Show!
Day 2
We took this day to just see things like the Chinese temple and 'shacks' and then went on the Red Hill self guided mine tour, bowling, climb the tower, pop up to the school and more horse and carriage rides. We had some lunch at the New York Bakery and then headed home..exhausted and very happy!

You can also check out some more info and tips on Sovereign Hill here