californian redwood forest, beech forest

If you've ever dreamed of exploring a magical forest, well then Mamma has some great news.

Deep in the Otway Ranges is the Californian Redwood Forest - and let Mamma tell you, it's magical, it's awe inspiring and spectacularly beautiful. 

It was started in 1938 and now the trees have reached a height of about 60 metres and still growing  - creating a calm, silent, vast space to explore well below the canopy - look up and you're sure to feel a little dizzy.  Running through the forest is the storybook Aire River fringed with huge ferns and greenery - the water is as clear as a mountain stream and there is a tree bridge where you can test your balance (at your own risk!).  It's a sight to behold and Mamma says well worth the drive.  
There are a couple of picnic tables near the car park and some grassy areas to play so you are able to spend a good amount of time here if you choose. 

Mamma's special mention: for more picturesque Victorian beauty - a short drive away is Hopetoun Falls

the nitty gritty

toilets (across road from picnic area) - picnic tables no rubbish bins (take your rubbish with you) - small car park - no phone reception- unsealed road.