hopetoun falls, beech forest

Waterfalls are stunning works of nature. The gorgeous rush of water over rock faces or cliffs, and the roar of the water really seems to capture our hearts - and we are lucky to have so many around us when we head out of the city. The issue is that some are hard to get to - especially with kids. Not here though, a relatively small effort is needed to see this lovely spot - and actually the walk to the falls is just as beautiful as the falls itself. You do have quite a few stairs to deal with but it only takes less than 10 minutes to head down or up. You are enveloped in large lush ferns and gorgeous forest greenery on the way, and you can stop and do some rock hopping near the river too - if you are lucky you may even see a platypus! Mamma says take a deep breath while you are here and fill your lungs with the beautiful fresh air. This is a truly lovely place.

Mamma’s special mention: Just around the dirt track is the magical Californian Redwood Forest, or if you are in need of some lunch, head to NouriShed for a burger!

the nitty gritty

FREE - stairs - not suitable for prams or wheelchairs - viewing platform above - parking (limited) - toilets available at nearby Redwood Forest

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Hopetoun Falls Road Beech Forest