cheetham wetlands viewing tower, point cook

Mamma loves these kinds of mini adventures - outdoors, close to home, an easy walk for the kiddos and then learning about our local area. The Cheetham Wetlands was at one time a Saltworks, which is what has created most of the lagoon system here. These waterways are now a haven for migratory birds and diverse flora and fauna, and it is highly protected by the council and international agreements. Mamma can see why, it’s a gorgeous, natural spot that is definitely getting closer to the urban sprawl. Once you park in the carpark there is about a 1km walk along a dirt road, and then you get to a boardwalk and final hundred or so metres to the tower. The carpark distance, boardwalk and viewing tower is all due to the conservation of the area as mentioned above so stick to these walkways and obviously never leave any rubbish here. The tower was opened about 20 years ago, was actually an arts project, and is dubbed a monument for ‘Migration and Aspirations’- Mamma has to say - it’s a lovely tower! You can see all around the wetlands from this vantage point and have a great view of the city as well. The kids love the final climb up the spiral staircase too. Mamma says its a little hairy though!

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Mamma’s special mention: Head to Crocodile Park for a good play afterwards

the nitty gritty

Park gates open at 8.30am and close between 5pm and 7pm depending on the time of year - free - no toilets - suitable for prams (except for the final climb up the tower)

Wanna know more?

South Saltworks Moat, Point Cook
(Carpark and park entry just off Homestead Entrance Road)