jawbone flora and fauna reserve, williamstown

Mamma and the crew love getting up close and personal with our nature spots and Jawbone Flora and Fauna Reserve is one of the best places in the West to appreciate our native coastal critters. What was once a degraded rifle range is now an important conservation area and a great place to explore. Budding naturalists will love spotting native birds from the bird hides, there's plenty of open space to burn off some energy, great views across the Bay and also easy access to the Bay Trail for walking, jogging, cycling, scootering and skating. Keep an eye out for the sea themed playgrounds too! (Crofton Drive Reserve and Jawbone Reserve accessed from Crofton Drive).

Mamma's special mention: the Rotunda is not too far away and is perfect for an icecream, coffee or some fish and chips. 


the nitty gritty
at Crofton Drive

park benches - free parking

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