great ocean road chocolaterie and ice creamery, bellbrae

It's here! The Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie has now opened it's delicious doors for us Westside folk. Nestled along the Great Ocean Road in Bellbrae (just near Point Addis and Bells) is this oasis of chocolate heaven.  This is the sister store to the popular East side Yarra Valley Chocolaterie.  It has a very similar look and feel - which is fun, relaxed, and family friendly.  A lot of the gardens are still being finished  - and will be even lovelier once the lavender hedges, kitchen gardens and sand pits are all finished or developed.  The building is larger inside with a big cafe on one end, the visible chocolate factory down the other and the two areas are joined by a sea or every type of chocolate you can imagine.  Outside for easy access is the ice creamery - just try walking past without grabbing a scoop or two. The staff are so friendly, and seem to have the same passion for chocolate as the owners Leanne and Ian who come up with all the amazing types of sweet treats. Mamma says this is a place to keep coming back to as it evolves....and every time you have a craving!

The food in the restaurant is yum and the huge outdoor sandpit provides endless entertainment for the kids and almost every table in the house can see the kids building their sandcastles!

Mamma's special mention:  They have a separate room to the side of the cafe for tastings and also hold Junior Chocolatier classes on school holidays and weekends.

the nitty gritty

Monday - Sunday
9am - 5pm

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Great Ocean Rd & Elkington Rd