talbot market, talbot

This is the ultimate in farmers market meets the ultimate in 'treasures' market. Happening in the quaint town of Talbot, it has become very popular in the last couple of years attracting thousands of visitors, we know why - it's just fantastic. Talbot is fair hike from the West (about 90 minutes, this side of the bridge past Ballarat) so leave early Sunday morning to be there when they open at 9am to browse, buy, eat and play until they close at 1pm. A great family 'out of town' trip and trust Mamma you will come back with pink cheeks from the country air plus some fantastic organic and local produce and  maybe even a trinket or two. Mamma highly recommends the homemade sausage rolls, grab them early as they sell out fast, we also love the organic soup and lentil mixes for the winter, the teas, pasta's, vegies and just about anything else you might need! There is always a good busker, always lots of people and we always have a great time.

Mamma's special mention: there is a nice playground near the food section for the kids to burn off some energy before the ride home!

the nitty gritty

open every third sunday from
9am - 1pm



Talbot is just 40 minutes north of Ballarat, or 90 minutes from the Westgate Bridge