daylesford market, daylesford

The Daylesford Market is high on the list of Mamma's favourite country markets.  Full of treasures, fresh food and friendly faces not to mention situated in such a spectacular town. The market is on EVERY Sunday rain hail or shine so there's no excuse to miss it. It's situated next to the old Daylesford Station and you can jump onto an old train for a train ride through the forests and Central Highlands if it takes your fancy.

Mamma's special mention:  when in the mineral springs capital - well you simply have to go and check out Central Springs Reserve, don't forget your empty bottle to fill up!

the nitty gritty

Every Sunday

Get there at 8.30 at the earliest as most people are still setting up at 8


16/18 Raglan St

1 hour and 15 minutes from the Westgate Bridge