central springs reserve, daylesford

Mamma says you cannot go to Daylesford or Hepburn Springs without tasting the nectar of the earth - the mineral spring water.  Central Springs Reserve is nestled next to the Daylesford Lake and the site of the old swimming pool and my my my it is pretty. Folks used to come here to dive off the old diving board and frolic in the pool (unfortunately both long gone), and then picnic in this serene spot down by the river.  You can still enjoy this peaceful picnic area and try and spot all the tell tell signs of what was here all those years ago.  Make sure to bring an empty bottle to fill up with spring water - Mamma says it tastes very 'earthy'...!

Mamma's special mention: Head to another picture perfect spot for lunch and a wander in the Swiss Italian gardens of Lavendula Lavender Farm a 15 minute drive. 

the nitty gritty

open every day

plenty of picnic spots

Central Springs 

1 hour and 16 minutes from the Westgate Bridge