sovereign hill, ballarat

They do things so well at Sovereign Hill from the authentic looking town complete with horse and carts, soundscapes to the shows and activities - it's quite surreal wandering around. The 'townsfolk' take their roles very seriously with their street banter and costumes too, all adding to this very unique experience. Mamma has a two and four year old and always have a FULL day of fun as there is plenty for everyone to do and see.

Panning for gold was a highlight, blacksmith demos, gold pouring, firearm demonstrations, a bar, shopping and SO much more. You'd think school holidays and public holidays would be a CRAZY time to visit but it's quite the opposite as the oodles of people add to the atmosphere - plus they have holiday programs including pantomimes in the theatre that are JUST fantastic and yes, we found GOLD - Eureka!

Mamma says their Winter Wonderlights in July is absolutely amazing and you can also check out the Sovereign Hill Hotel Accommodation and we have A Say in Sovereign Hill itinerary to check out too!

Mamma's Hot Five Tips:
1. Wear GOOD sturdy footwear. The roads and paths are gravel.
2. If you have a small kiddo then take a pram/buggy not a stroller, there are a few hilly bits to tackle. (You can hire a great pram/buggy's for $10.00)
3. Definitely try the old school bakery pies and cakes, Delish
4. Buy your tickets online to save on time and queues and consider a membership. With membership, you’re still in front if you visit twice in a year and have 4 kids aged under 21 (currently $243 p.a. for family of 2 adults+4 kids is less than 2 family tickets)
5. Prepare for a DAY trip. There is so much to do and eat and see! 

the nitty gritty

click here for online bookings and full up to date pricing

10am to 5pm every day except Christmas Day.

During daylight saving, Sovereign Hill is open until 5.30 pm.

Unlimited free parking on-site.

Bradshaw St

1 hour and 15 minutes from the Westgate Bridge