traffic park, point cook

This is a cute very very small ‘traffic’ track for little people. Now, when Mamma says small, Mamma means small – like a tiny little patch of community parkland between two suburban streets and at first glance it can seem underwhelming – however! It is a very popular spot for locals who know of this hidden gem and Mamma's kids absolutely love it - we often get requests to go to ‘traffic park!’ This park is more suited to pre-schoolers or up to six years old and only really for small bikes, scooters, trikes, balance bikes or similar. It is mostly fenced in with a couple of seats and the whole track is made of soft fall so for beginners it’s excellent for those spills and crashes. There are speed humps, a round-a-bout, stop signs and giveway signs too so a great spot to practice tight maneuvers and skillful turns.

This is a free park and free for people to use, it’s a bring your own bike type place and not an ‘organised’ school of any kind. Please be mindful to the local residents and others and take all your rubbish away.

Mamma’s special mention: There is an excellent park in line of sight (west) called Party Place Playground – it is great for kids around the same age (up to 6) oh and stay tuned for the re-build of the infamous Pirate Park also not far from here - if a big organised traffic school is what you are after check out Essendon Traffic School!


the nitty gritty

no shade, no toilets, no rubbish bin, two seats, soft fall track

Peppers Avenue
Point Cook
Alamanda Estate

(it is a little hidden so keep a close eye out!)