bellarine adventure golf, wallington

It's always great when the kids reach an important milestone...and for Mamma this one was MINI GOLF with KIDS...we had driven past these places only to realise the kids were just too young - cue sad face - well, Mamma is happy to say at 4 and 6yo we have (just barely) reached this new level of family fun.  A few tips were required and a few unorthodox plays were exhibited ...maybe a few holes skipped but overall a great time was had. The Bellarine Adventure golf is old school and cool with lush greenery, and timber structures and lots of secret passage ways and fun places for the ball to travel.

Mamma's special mention: There are two courses - completing one was enough for this tribe though. There is also a playground, a bird aviary and cafe so take your time and enjoy the day! If you are looking to spend some time in Bellarine area then you can't go past The Bellarine Big 4 Holiday Park.

the nitty gritty

Family pass
(2 adults 2 kids)
1 course $40

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1540 Bellarine Hwy