glass factory street art, spotswood

You may have seen the colourful creation being painted here over the last five weeks - Mamma popped by to check out the almost completed works and bumped into one of the Artist's Chuck Mayfield. The 1000 square metre uninterrupted piece of art is not only beautiful, it tells a great story. The commissioned mural is painted on the back of the O-I Glass Factory in Spotswood and tells the tale of the life of glass. From the pure form of sand and the beginnings of glass making to the furnaces and fire used to melt it down and then the forming of the bottles through machinery -  it is all here in huge proportions! The sustainability of glass is featured using nature elements especially the ocean throughout the piece with the giant cuttlefish and seahorse plus the striking scuba diver to name a few of the highlights. Created by Mayfield Palace a Melbourne based company - artists Chuck and Julia along with other Melbourne artists have pulled together a seriously fantastic work of art.

Mamma says this is a bright and colourful addition to the area and well worth checking out with the kids. It's just interesting to know what goes on here!

the nitty gritty

Simcock Ave

Painted on the factory wall.