k road cliffs, werribee

This one is for the adventurers...

You'd be forgiven if you thought Mamma had jetted off to the Northern Territory - but no, this is in Werribee, just near the Werribee Mansion Precinct.  The red cliffs, wildlife and lovely wide river makes you feel like you are on an exciting expedition in far away lands!

When Mamma says that this is for the adventurers only - she means that you do need to be very mindful. This area is not managed - there are very small paths but these can be overgrown, there will be snakes (we haven't seen any on our treks here but that doesn't mean they are not there!) spiders and whatever else exists in the great outdoors.

There has has also been reports of cliff erosion - so be safe and smart.

So, if you do venture here - you will be rewarded with lovely views and some crab spotting on the river banks and a great adventure.

It's a quiet and semi remote spot where you may see people fishing or you may see no one - so go with your best adventure buddies.

Head both directions when you get to the bottom of the stairs - turn right for a close up of the stunning cliff or turn left for more of a walk where you get another view (you can't reach the cliffs in this direction - well, Mamma couldn't)

We recommend doing your little adventure walk then coming back up to the top and perching at one of the the picnic tables overlooking the view for a snack or lunch.

Mamma's special mention: Grab a bite and a play on the grass at Wyndham Cache, just up the road. Or head to the Zoo of course!


the nitty gritty

Park near the Werribee River picnic gazebo

no toilets - free parking - access via car parking area down some 'stairs' - steep stairs - rocky terrain - not pram accessible - wear sturdy shoes - long pants and top advised.

*This is not a long walk but you can take your time.

360 K Road

K Road Cliffs - Mamma Knows West.